When you’re sick, call the emergency dental hydrants


The emergency dental hygiene system in Denver is running out of room, so the city is planning a big expansion.

It’s called the Colorado Emergency Dental Hygienists System, or CEHS.

And it’s getting bigger every day.

In Denver, the city has more than 6,000 licensed emergency dental therapists.

That’s more than the number of dental hygeineists in the entire country.

But if you’re a regular consumer of dental care, it may be difficult to find a certified emergency dental therapist.

That means you’ll need to travel long distances to get dental care from a local clinic.

The Denver Public Health Department says the shortage of emergency dental workers has prompted it to hire more emergency dental technicians.

It also says it’s looking for a new emergency dental technician to help fill the gap.

If you need dental care and can’t find it in the city, you can call the Denver Public Service Office at 303-874-5111.

And, of course, if you need help, call 911.