Watch: ‘Bravest Dreams’ by David Byrne and the Black Keys, debut on the new Tidal streaming service


I’m not sure if David Byrne has had enough of the Black Knight, but he’s been given the perfect opportunity to shine in a new streaming service.

Tidal, the $8.99 per month subscription service launched in February by Tidal parent company Apple, lets you stream David Byrne’s new album, “Braviest Dreams.”

Byrne is one of the greatest rock musicians of all time and his latest release is a perfect fit for the streaming service’s platform.

It’s not the only album Byrne has been playing on Tidal.

He also released “Battles,” a new collaboration with fellow guitarist Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds in June.

I think he deserves to have his song on Terence Trent D’Arby, as it’s such a good song and I think it’s so unique and it’s really a beautiful song.

He plays guitar in it and I’ve never seen anything like it.

Tidal is the perfect home for him.

I think he’s a really good artist, and I’m sure there are fans who are really excited to hear more of what he can do.

Byrne is also getting some new material on the streaming platform.

He’s releasing his first album, titled “Bargain Shop,” on the service on January 27.

It’s the band’s debut album since 2011’s “Boys” and it features a collection of songs that are among the best out there.

David Byrne’s “Tidal Stream” feature.

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