‘I’m not scared’: ‘I think you’ll find a new life for me’


In a city where residents say they can’t find a job, and where a shortage of dental hygenic professionals has forced them to make do with toothpaste and water, a woman is finding a way to make a living.

Key points:A man says he is worried about the future of dentistry in Cardiff because he can’t afford to do his own workThe man, who has asked not to be named, says his dental hygeine work is limited because he is a lone parent with a young son, who also suffers from asthmaThe man says his work is vital for his son who suffers from allergies, asthma and breathing problemsThe man works in a public dental clinic and said he has no experience in dental hygiene or dentistry.

But, he says, he is finding the work rewarding.

“I’ve been doing this for 20 years and have been working for the last 10,” he said.

“So I’ve been here for a long time and it’s very rewarding.”

Mr Fussell said he started working at the clinic at the age of 14 and he had two jobs at the time.

“My job is very basic.

I am a dental hygerienist.

I’m not a dentist.

I just do my job, which is to give you clean teeth and to provide the service,” he explained.”

The problem is I am working on a small scale, and it is not a big business.”

The man has a small business selling dental hygs, which are dental tools that are usually used for oral hygiene.

He has been working in the dental clinic since last year and said it was “a real challenge” to make ends meet.

“For us, it’s a really tough time.

We’re struggling to survive, and we are not sure how long we can last,” he added.

Dr Fusselows said the clinic was being “relocated” from Cardiff’s central business district because of the cost of running the business.

“We have a business in the city centre that is not as busy, so it’s just about getting some people here so we can do our job, but it’s not going to last for too long,” he told 7.30.

The man said his son was currently in school and was in need of a dentist.

“It’s really tough, he’s not at school, he doesn’t go out and play, he just has a hard time in school.”

He’s really sensitive, and he has asthma so it really helps to have a dentist who’s not allergic,” he continued.”

They don’t treat his allergies but they do clean his teeth and he does have asthma.

“The clinic also runs a range of services for people with respiratory issues, including a free dental clinic for people who have asthma.

Dr David Williams, from Cardiff University’s Dentistry and Health Education Department, said dental hyges were “essential to a lot of people”.”

I would say that about 95 per cent of the people who come to us for a consultation are quite concerned about dental hygiene and they are quite worried about what the future holds,” he commented.”

Most people in the community are not aware that there is a dental hygiene service that is being set up in Cardiff and we need to find a way of providing that service.

“Dr Williams said he had seen a rise in demand for dental hyging services in recent years and he believed it was a positive development for the city.”

There’s always a demand for more services to come to the city, and for people to have access to a dental treatment,” he pointed out.”

But I would also say that we need more dental hygers and more people to come in and be able to access dental treatment.

“You have to have more hygens, you need to have people in communities who can provide dental care, but also have dental hygelas available for those who are not able to go to the dentist.”

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