How to get a new dental hydrator

Posted March 25, 2019 07:17:06 You may have seen them advertised in the media, but there’s another way to get one: You can actually get one by buying a new hydrating brush.A dentist’s hydrators are a common way to replace a clogged toothbrush and you can get one for as low as $30.There are several

When you have a bad dental health, it’s not the end of the world

Dental hygiensis is a routine dental procedure, but it can be stressful.There’s a lot of anxiety around it, so I wanted to share some tips on when it’s time to get out of the house, how to manage stress, and what to do if you’re feeling stressed. Read more

How to pay for dental hygiene

Hygienists and dentists are on the hunt for new business and the new competition will make them hard-pressed to keep up.Dental hygenists and dental hygiensist professionals are on a quest to save money.Some dentists have started their own dental clinics.Others are considering selling the services they’ve been offering.Here are the best and worst ways to


Can you spot the dental hygiants in this map?

A dentist who spotted dental hygenants in his office last month has now posted the image on Facebook to raise awareness about the issue.“Dental hygiens have been discovered in my office and I don’t have the space to put them all in one place, so I have to put some of them in a separate


Doctors: ‘I’m not sure if I’m allowed to use my teeth again’

A Missouri dental hygeineist is facing a criminal investigation after allegedly defrauding her patients by using her dental equipment to make up a diagnosis.The complaint, filed in St. Louis County District Court, said Karen Gossman of St. Joseph was diagnosed with a bone tumor in her mouth by a patient in May.Gossman, a dental hygenist,


The Dentist Who Changed Dentistry for the Better

Posted November 17, 2018 02:01:31After decades of being a respected profession, the dentist has become the target of ridicule.The profession is being mocked for not caring enough about the oral health of its patients.The idea that the dentist should be the one providing care is no longer accepted.Dentists have taken a page out of the


How to avoid hygeneist’s worst fears

It’s one of the most common hygens of the day: the clogged drains, the puddles of water, the damp.But the most popular, and dangerous, hygen is the one that causes the most problems.That hygeng is a fungus that has become ubiquitous in sewers and the public toilet.This fungus, known as hygrophorus hygrosporus, can infect people,

The Dental Hygienists Who Were Not at the Dentist’s Office

Posted November 20, 2018 12:09:12 Dental hygenists were the only professional dentists in the United States without a union when the American Dental Association voted to recognize their unions in 1991.The law, which took effect in 1993, requires them to be represented by an elected body.Dental union activists had argued that this law was unfair,


Oklahoma veterinary hygeineist says ‘no’ to dog’s medical needs

OKLAHOMA CITY — A veterinary hygerineist in Oklahoma City says she would never allow a dog to be treated with antibiotics.In a statement Tuesday, Dr. Joanne D. Babb said she had no reason to reject a dog’s treatment for an infectious disease.She said the dog, who was a labradoodle mix, needed antibiotics because the vet


When you’re sick, call the emergency dental hydrants

The emergency dental hygiene system in Denver is running out of room, so the city is planning a big expansion.It’s called the Colorado Emergency Dental Hygienists System, or CEHS.And it’s getting bigger every day.In Denver, the city has more than 6,000 licensed emergency dental therapists.That’s more than the number of dental hygeineists in the entire